Blue Hill Restaurant New York

Blue Hill – Manhattan

Sometimes people feel like you can’t have great food that’s also completely ethically-sourced. Owner of the Blue Hill restaurant, Dan Barber would strongly object to that suggestion, and he’d be best-placed to make that assessment. Barber is a farmer first, and a restaurateur second. Given that he’s a Michelin-star awarded chef, that must make him a truly exceptional farmer.

The menu at Blue Hill restaurant will change dramatically from season to season – sometimes even month to month – depending on the ingredients that Barber has at his disposal. If he’s unable to source produce from his own farm he’ll refer to other farms in the local area, with a maximum reach of 250 miles. That means he has full sight-and-hands-on control of everything that enters his kitchen. When the goods turn up, he treats them with the respect they deserve.

Expect a lot of greenery on any dish you order, all of which comes straight from Barber’s own garden. That means cherries and tomatoes picked the same day you’re eating them, and vegetarian ravioli that taste fresher than anything you’ll encounter elsewhere.

Blue Hill restaurant isn’t an enormous restaurant, but it’s one filled with liveliness and joy. If you’re coming, beware their unusual anti-Instagram policy – mobile phones and flash photography aren’t permitted in their dining rooms. The focus at Blue Hill is on enjoying the food by eating it, not by making it pose for the perfect shot.

Michelin Stars: 1

Cuisine: American

Address: 75 Washington Place


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