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New York – Things to See and do in New York

There are many amazing places in the world to visit, but one of the top cities on the travel bucket list has to be New York.

Not only are there lots of things to see and do in New York, but the city has a magical feel to it that you simply don’t get anywhere else. From the quirky, characteristic streets of Brooklyn – to the busy, thriving vibe of Manhattan – there’s always something for everyone in the beloved Big Apple.

Perhaps you’ve never been before and are planning to head there soon, or maybe you’ve been a handful of times and yet you can’t wait to go back again. The latter can certainly vouch for these 7 things about NYC that makes it an amazing place to visit.

The tourist attractions.

How could we not mention some of NYC’s most popular sights as the first reason why the city is so great? We’ve all seen them multiple times on TV, but the real-life experiences are even better.

Be dazzled by the lights of Times Square, the most visited place globally, and sail to Liberty Island where you will find the iconic Statue of Liberty. (And yes, it’s just as impressive as on the TV.) Check out the observation deck of the Empire State Building, or at the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, and make sure that you visit the memorial museum at the One World Trade Center. Sure, these activities are extremely touristy but don’t be ashamed to do them all. Also be sure to take plenty of photos, because you’re not only going to want to remember these epic landmarks, but you’re going to want to remember this fantastic trip in general.

2. The skyscrapers.

You don’t have to be an architect to appreciate how incredible the buildings are in NYC – especially the skyscrapers. (They don’t call it The Concrete Jungle for nothing.)

If you’re into architecture, definitely check out the art-deco style of the Chrysler building, the Flatiron building, and the traditional-looking Grand Central Terminal train station – to name a few. Simply put: they’re a treat for the eyes.

NYC Parks

Even though it has a nickname of The Concrete Jungle, there is some luscious greenery inside the numerous NYC parks and visiting these beautiful parks is one of the most popular things to see and do in New York.

Central Park is the most famous park, consisting of 843 acres, where you can ride around in a horse and carriage or go visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Then there’s Bryant Park, a smaller, equally-as-charming stretch of greenery in the heart of Midtown. If you’re situated in Lower Manhattan, you can also check out Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, where there are some lovely water fountains. Essentially, the choices are endless.

4. The different neighbourhoods.

Feel free to stick around Midtown and Lower Manhattan if you want the full, touristic experience; however, if you’re a keen explorer, you can also venture to some of New York’s other bustling neighbourhoods.

Why not visit the hip Meatpacking District for trendy bars and clubs or the Upper East Side where you’ll find designer boutiques – including the city’s famous luxury department store Barney’s New York – for a more luxury experience. You can also check out the student hub that is Greenwich Village, or even head across the bridge to Brooklyn, where you’ll find a hotbed of indie music, nightlife and art. No matter what your taste, there’s definitely something for everyone!

5. The shopping destinations.

Shopping lovers, rejoice – as New York is all about consumerism.

From the high street stores of Soho to the designer boutiques of Madison Avenue, NYC offers not only everything but everything in between. Fifth Avenue has the most versatile mix of shops, admittedly, with souvenir stores aplenty. You’ve also got the quirky, little shops in Brooklyn’s delightful neighbourhoods, as well as the vintage stores and flea markets of Williamsburg.

NYC essentially gives a new meaning to the saying: shop until you drop.

6. The Broadway shows.

Another reason to love New York, the Broadway district provides us with musical theatre on another level. Sure, London’s West End is fabulous, but America does everything on a much larger scale.

There are always a variety of shows available for your viewing pleasure on Broadway, from The Lion King to Wicked, and – whichever you choose – you’re guaranteed to have the most wonderful night out. Just be sure to save plenty of your budget as Broadway can be one of the most expensive things to see and do in New York.

7. The atmosphere.

In the Big Apple, there’s always an eclectic mix of people and activities. There’s always something to do and always something going on – even on the streets! (NYC has an impressive array of street shows.)

This atmosphere is what will make your trip to NYC so awesome. After all, they don’t call it The City That Never Sleeps for no reason!

Taking a trip to New York is always an adventure – no matter what your age, gender, or likes and dislikes. There are lots of things on offer, so much to see, and always not enough time to fit it all in! The city is just as exciting as it is thrilling, and you can feel these good vibes in the air during your entire stay there. They make you feel alive. And that’s ultimately why NYC is just the most amazing place to visit.

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