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Atomix Korean Restaurant

Atomix is a little unconventional as a restaurant. For a start, they’re not located where you’d expect to find a restaurant, and if you don’t know precisely where to look you’ll likely walk straight past it. We’ll point you in the right direction: it’s within the foyer of an ordinary apartment, just where Nomad meets Murray Hill.

Their second entry on the ‘unconventional’ list is that they don’t offer a menu. Your food arrives as a communal sharing platter at the chef’s table, with ten courses provided in all. You won’t find details of those courses on the website or inside the menu; you get what you’re given, and when it arrives you’ll receive an ornate card which explains what you’re eating. If you’re a nervous eater – or have special dietary requirements – this can be off-putting. If, on the other hand, you’re happy to be a little adventurous, there’s much here to enjoy for $205 per person.

As the chef will change what’s on the menu as and when he sees fit, it’s hard to prepare you for what’s likely to arrive on your plate. Past favourites have included deep-fried langoustine with creamed uni, and caviar served with artichokes, but what you encounter on the day may be entirely different to what was served the day before. Two things about Atomix shall always remain consistent, though. You’re guaranteed a meal that pushes Korean cuisine to its flavoursome and exotic best, and you’re also guaranteed a touching poem from the chef’s wife at the end of your meal to thank you for visiting. Atomix is quirky, but it’s endearing.

Michelin Stars: 1

Cuisine: Korean

Address: 104 East 30th Street


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