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Chocolate by the Bald Man, Why Max Brenner is your main Manhattan friend

It’s late. You and your significant other have been walking all around New York City, explored every floor of the Empire State Building, and now you are bone-tired. Where do you go late at night to be revived?

You can go to any hole-in-the-wall or dank, dark bar. Or you can go somewhere bright, vibrant, and full of life. Somewhere where you feel the love in the air…and in the chocolate.

If you can manage, saunter down Broadway, south of Union Square Park, and you will begin to feel an aura. It gets stronger as you approach the halfway point between 13th St. and 14th St. That aura emanates from Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, a New York novelty and mainstay for multiple reasons.

“We invite you to experience our chocolate love story”

This is exactly how you feel when you walk into Max Brenner’s Manhattan location: You are in the middle of a melted fairy tale. Rather than wait eons to grab a table in this constantly-crowded joint, make a beeline for the bar, where friendly bartenders greet you with a smile and a “What can I get ya?”

Their menu flows from appetizers to the climax of the love story, the famous desserts – all of them doused in some form of chocolate. Wrap your hands around a cosy “Hug Mug” filled to the brim with liquid gold. With three types of warm sipping chocolate – milk, dark, and white – and a variety of added flavours, surrender to the fragrance and the sugar. Or, go thicker with a fondue, complete with a plethora of delicious treats to dip into the vat of chocolate.

Spanning 22 pages, the desserts are the big hero who comes to rescue you at the end of the story. No matter what you decide to order, whether it be their light, fluffy crepes, their decadent waffles, or their creative and scrumptious dessert pizza, your day will be saved by a warm plate of gooey perfection.

Wait, what’s that thing before dessert again?

Oh, right, food. The Sancho Panza to the chocolate’s Don Quixote. Don’t forget about the sidekick, though; Max Brenner’s all-day savoury menu is worth the look.

If you are vegetarian or vegan browsing for lunch, go for the Veggie Triple Decker, topped with sundried tomato spread, hummus, roasted red peppers, red onions, carrots, and pesto on Texas toast. Every sandwich comes with waffle fries, pickles, and chilli aioli, so in a city where you might break the bank, Max Brenner gives you value for your wallet. With both a food and a brunch menu, this bustling spot covers all the corners when it comes to satisfying sweet and savoury tooths.

“Enjoy it to the Max!”

Atmosphere is everything in a magical place like NY. The servers and barkeeps are always smiling, laughing, having a good time. This is the “happily ever after” part of the love story, where it’s just one big party.

The people at Chocolate by the Bald Man have a mission: To get you addicted to their chocolate (if you aren’t addicted to chocolate already). And at the end of a day full of exploration and walking the length of an entire island, they will succeed. Best to let them do their thing and take care of you in every way.

In a city where everyone has a story, Max Brenner put their story on the front of their Sweet Menu:

“We don’t invent anything in chocolate. It all exists in people’s minds and hearts. We just express it in the most evident way – a way that everyone imagines chocolate and wishes to experience it. Until now, chocolate was sold in a manner highly contradicting its sensual, warm and joyful character. Restrained ambience. Untouchable. Closed behind a glass barrier. We have “freed” chocolate from its cage. We let people experience it to the fullest.”

Max – the bald man that created this chocolate experience – wants you to have a wonderful time exploring chocolate at its full potential. After a long day of seeing and hearing New York in all its glory, you deserve to taste the beautiful art that is Max Brenner’s chocolate. And once your belly is full, go to the front where their gift shop has fantastic gifts to remember them by.

Experience chocolate. Experience Max Brenner.

(Also located in Boston and Philadelphia, Max Brenner’s New York location is open from 9 AM ‘til late every day, and is extremely family friendly. Make Max Brenner and his Chocolate by the Bald Man part of your New York itinerary and go for a late dessert stop!)

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