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Hirohisa Restaurant – Manhattan

There are a number of small, cute Japanese eateries in New York which have a reputation for serving quality food, so what makes Hirohisa special? The answer is the chef that gave it its name, Hirohisa Hayashi, formerly of Hibino. Every experienced restaurant goer has encountered what they believe to be ‘normal’ Japanese food before, but Hayashi serves his menu from a region of Japan that’s less widely known – Echizen, a rural district far-removed from Kyoto and Tokyo.

If you’re wanting or expecting sushi, look elsewhere. Plenty of Michelin-starred New York restaurants serve sushi, and Hayashi isn’t interested in being just another name in that field. Hayashi serves a menu similar to the one he grew up loving in the Japanese countryside, including lamb marinated in miso and shrimp cakes wrapped in tofu. Such is the extent of the chef’s commitment to authenticity that he also makes and serves his own brand of plum rice wine. It’s an acquired taste, so beers are available to those visitors who don’t quite feel brave enough to try it.

Hirohisa doesn’t accept walk-in bookings, so make sure you reserve in advance if you want to sample Japan’s lesser-seen culinary treats yourself. The tiny restaurant, with its exposed brickwork and minimalist decorations, is almost a chef’s table with a mere twenty seats. For that reason, you can expect an intimate dining experience and personalized service from all of the staff- including the chef himself, who’ll be cooking right in front of you. The nine-course tasting menu is $160 per person.

Michelin Stars: 1

Cuisine: Japanese

Address: 73 Thompson Street

Website: https://hirohisa-nyc.com/

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