tables all set ready for guests to arrriveiInside Marea Restaurant New York
Marea Restaurant New York

Marea Restaurant – Manhattan

When you log onto Marea’s website to book your meal, you’re greeted by the venue’s motto: “In the beginning, food was life. Now life is food.” It’s a simple enough statement, but it’s enough to give you a taste of Marea’s philosophy. Food done well is one of the finest things we can enjoy in life, and Marea exists to provide that experience.

The restaurant is the brainchild of veteran chef Michael White, who came to national prominence during his tenure at Fiamma in both New York and Las Vegas. Business issues curtailed him going any further with his first attempt at global dominance, but he’s not a man who’s easily deterred. Marea is the third major restaurant opened by the seafood specialist, and it’s arguably his best.

Marea restaurant is not cheap, but you’d know that from the moment you walked in. The grandiose surrounds help to maintain an air of prestige, and the prices are befitting for the atmosphere. If you’re willing to pay them, you’ll be rewarded with a menu that places ‘seafood-done-well’ at its heart.

White excels when he applies inventiveness to traditional ideas and does things with cheese and fish that you never knew you wanted until you tried them. If you’d prefer to stay away from the cheese for preference or dietary reasons, try this for size; fusilli with octopus and bone marrow. Your eyebrows may raise when your thoughts turn to dessert and you spy a homemade Kit Kat on the menu, but go with the flow and indulge yourself. You won’t regret it.

Michelin Stars: 2

Cuisine: Italian

Address: 240 Central Park South


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