Interior of Momofuku Ko Restaurant New York

Momofuku Ko Restaurant

Head chef David Chang is no stranger to the New York restaurant scene. Until recently you could find him at his twelve-seat chef’s table on First Avenue; now he’s letting more diners in on his wonderful creations at this newer venue, offering three times as many seats. Even with the extra space, diners should book early to avoid disappointment.

Eating at Momofuku Ko is part fine dining and part theatre. The chefs are on show at all times, preparing the delectable seventeen-course fixed menu before your eyes. Through the glass wall, you can watch as Chang and his team go through every phase of the cooking process; from making every last drop of sauce by hand to expertly butchering and preparing the best cuts of meat.

What arrives on your plate will depend on the time of year you visit Momofuku Ko. This is an inventive restaurant, where seasonal dishes come and go, and new ideas are implemented constantly. Make two visits six months apart, and you may encounter a completely different menu.

Current favourites include mille-feuille dusted in matcha tea, with trout roe and béchamel layered with artisan pastry; and Japanese-style mackerel, which is expertly pickled and pressed and then served on a wasabi leaf with a touch of dashi ponzu. Don’t expect them to stay there forever, though! Regardless of what you end up eating, the fixed price menu for all seventeen courses remains the same, at $175.

Michelin Stars: 2

Cuisine: Contemporary American

Address: 8 Extra Place


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