A Fossil of Stegosaurus on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

American Museum of Natural History – Why This is One of NYC’s Top Attractions

With exhibits like Tyrannosaurs Rex, a 94-foot long Blue Whale and fossils galore it’s no wonder the American Museum of Natural History is a favorite among New York City visitors. This 148-year old gallery was featured in the popular film Midnight at the Museum but its real claim-to-fame is its reputation as a well-regarded scientific and cultural institution. There are many special exhibits on display for limited engagements at various times throughout the year. Here is a look at some of the museum’s permanent exhibits along with some visitor information for you to get the most out of the experience.

Biodiversity and Environmental Halls

This area explores life on Earth and its infinitesimal beauty. Visitors will be able to dive deep into information surrounding the environment, forests, and the oceanic life that exist in the world around us.

Birds and Reptiles and Amphibians Halls

Take a look into the fascinating world of these creatures that are native to not only the New York City area but all of North America.

Earth and Planetary Science Halls

Visitors will learn about the Earth’s minerals and gems and discover the origins of the solar system.

Fossil Halls

Who doesn’t enjoy a good dinosaur exhibit? Visit the well-known exhibits of the David H. Koch Dinosaur Wing and the Lila Acheson Wallace Wing of Mammals and Their Extinct Relatives. These fossil exhibits are a top attraction for museum-goers.

Human Origins and Cultural Halls

This area is a dedication to the evolution of the human family. It explores the cultures of Asia, Africa, North America, South America and the Pacific.

Mammal Halls

Tour the Mammal Halls to explore a variety of mammal species found around the world.

Rose Center for Earth and Space

Explore exhibits that focus on the exploration of the universe, galaxies, and planets.

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial

The museum houses the official New York State memorial to former New York State Governor and the nation’s President, Theodore Roosevelt. This two-story memorial includes the Central Park West entrance, the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda and the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall.


Public Tours are free of charge with visitor’s paid admission. Tours begin at the entrance to Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals located on the 1st floor. Guests can also take part in a museum highlight tour or spotlight tour. Foreign language tours are also available. Self-guided tours offer a variety of topics for visitors to choose.


Fossil Explainers are on hand to answer any questions visitors may have regarding fossil exhibits. Visitors can flag a museum employee by pushing the designated red button. Earth and space explainers are available to answer questions regarding astrophysics and geology and are available with the push of a purple button.


The American Museum of Natural History is located on Central Park West & 70th St. in New York, New York.


General Admission

Includes 45 museum halls and Rose Center for Earth & Space

Adult $23

Student (w/ID) $18

Senior (60+) $18

Child (2-12) $13

General Admission + One

Includes General Admission plus one special exhibition, films or Space Show

Adult: $28

Student (w/ID) $22.50

Senior (60+) $22.50

Child (2-12) $16.50

General Admission + All

Includes General Admission plus all special exhibitions, films, and Space Show

Adult $33

Student (w/ID) $27

Senior $27

Child (2-12) $20

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