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Woodbury Commons Premium Outlet Tour $42

The ride north to the Woodbury Commons is an hour drive out of urban hustle and bustle to country green. It’s a ride to a shopping bonanza of favourite brands featured in stylishly designed country stores packed with first quality products sold at tastefully discounted prices. The Commons is open 363 days a year, so whatever day works for you, will undoubtedly work for the Commons.

Before you come, check the Woodbury Commons website for discounts and coupons so you can take advantage of any special promotions and find out if there are any 10% or $15 off events or Commons-wide sales. Any of which could make your day trip even more rewarding.

First, we meet you at your hotel for the comfortable ride north. For this is not only a day of shopping but a day in the country. A day to enjoy yourself, find beautiful products, and return with a smile on your face—pleased you chose this day for yourself.

The bus ride will seem like a brief interlude before you arrive at Woodbury Common Outlets in Central Valley, NY. What you’ll see is a large, clean, well-planned marketplace designed for the comfort of the shopper. Not only is it easy to find the upscale outlet stores you’ve come to visit, but there are grass-lined aisles, plenty of benches to relax when you need some time to think over that last purchase. Here you are.

At first, you think you’re in a village of quaint, Colonial-American style shops, separated by neatly manicured lawns and wide swaths of concrete aisles. You’ll find many well-placed large wooden colour-coded maps of the 220 stores located over the 845,000 square-foot property. So, you’ll be able to find any one of the designer businesses that you came to visit, simply. And you’ll always know where you are on the property.

That’s another unspoken factor. Not only is it a beautiful marketplace, but it’s safe. You’ll find yourself shopping amidst an International clientele, so don’t be surprised to hear Japanese or Chinese or French spoken at the Commons. And once you feel comfortable, you’ll hunt for bargains of anywhere from 25% to 65% off retail prices, with gusto. You’ll also know where the bus is parked, so if you want to leave any purchases in the luggage compartment under the bus, you know where to find it.

Among those 220 stores are: Banana Republic. Barney’s Fashion. Breitling. Brioni. Chanel. Ecco’s. Jimmy Choo. Lalique. La Perla. Levi’s. Movado. Nike. Reebok. Saks Fifth Avenue. Tumi. Versace. These stores provide customers with a cheaper option to buy clothing, shoes, bags, sunglasses and other apparel.

And when you’re ready for a break. Ready for a coffee or a sandwich or an ice cream, there are plenty of restaurants and food stands to choose from. Au Bon Pain. Cinnabon. Godiva. Just Salad. Le Pain Quotidien. Magnolia Bakery. McDonald’s. Pinkberry. Starbucks. Pret A Manger.

It’s a world of stores dedicated to your satisfaction. A world of stores constantly changing and growing to meet the needs of the international customer base. Which is why new additions to the roster of stores includes Lladró, Givenchy, and Agent Provocateur. So, from the first moment you walk into the stores—which are owned by the manufacturers of the clothing and shoes, and not by third-party retailers—you’re entering not only outlets but successful international brands. Which is why there are special discounts periodically because you’re dealing directly with the manufacturers of the products.

So, on the ride back to New York City, you’ll relax knowing you not only spent a nice day in the country and purchased quality products at below-market prices, but you saved a lot of money. And you can say to yourself, I’m so happy I chose to come to Woodbury Commons. What a great day it’s been.

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