Zip Aviation Helicopter in New York Skyline

Zip Aviation New York Helicopter Tours

When visiting New York it’s great to get your bearings and get a feel for the city as quickly as possible to be able to get the most out the “big apple” – a brilliant and fun way to do this is from the sky with a Zip Aviation Helicopter tour.

Providing short helicopter tours ranging from 12- 30 minutes, Zip Aviation want to show you the amazing sights of New York city.

Fly the skyline and get amazing pictures of the skyscrapers and sights, unique experience perfect for tourists to take in the wonder that is the big apple.

With 3 amazing tours of New York to choose from you’ll get to take in the city the way you like.

Zip Aviation Tours:

  1. Liberty Harbour Helicopter Tour, be blown away flying by Wall street, over to the statue of liberty, you’ll get to see Central park, the 9/11 memorial, the U.S.S Intrepid, Times Square and more in a 12-15 minute flight. Costing $209 plus a mandatory $40 heliport fee.
  2. Big City Helicopter Tour, lasting 18-20 minutes; you’ll get to see all of the same sights of the first tour plus more. This amazing flight will now take you to see sights like: Columbia University, George Washington Bridge, Bronx & Yankee Stadium and more. This tour costs $289 plus a mandatory $40 heliport fee.
  3. Grand Island Helicopter Tour. This astonishing flight includes all the sights of the previous two but with even more! You’ll fly for 25-30 minutes and get to see extra sights such as: Verrazano Bridge, Staten Island and Coney Island! All for $349 plus the $40 mandatory heliport fee.

All tours are provided by highly-experienced and qualified pilots with first class crew with tours available in 9 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. Flying from Pier 6 you’ll be treated to a luxurious celebrity-like experience.

Zip Aviation provides frequent flight departures so you can fly at the time that suits you best and still have more time for sightseeing! Fly in style in one of the 3 type of extraordinary helicopters that are used for the tours.

A highly reviewed provider with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on TripAdvisor as well as the prestigious certificate of excellence, so you know you’ll be having a great time with Zip Aviation.

Find out more and book tours with Zip Aviation Here

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