The fancy interior at Aquavit New York Restaurant

Aquavit Restaurant

Since 1987, Aquavit has been proving to New York that Nordic food is anything but boring, and it has two Michelin Stars to back it up. But don’t pigeonhole this forward-thinking restaurant – Aquavit offers modern fine dining menus with Scandinavian flair and isn’t the place to go if you’re a Swede missing your homestyle food.

Guests can expect a delightful array of Nordic-inspired ingredients, such as fish, berries, mushrooms, game, and other wild fare. There’s also no shortage of pickled foods, which offer a more authentic Scandinavian experience.

Famed for its impressive wine list, Aquavit also serves plenty of its namesake beverage, a distilled spirit enhanced by spices and herbs. Usually consumed during festive occasions, a shot of Aquavit is practically mandatory if you’re visiting this fine dining establishment.

Aquavit’s cheapest menu is $115 excluding wine, which is extremely reasonable for a Michelin Star restaurant in New York. Even the most expensive tasting menu is $195, making it a night out that isn’t financially off limits. Wine pairing starts at $115.

Definitely try the sweetbreads, scallops, and herring for a true Nordic experience. At Aquavit restaurant, reservations are a must and it’s recommended that you book well in advance if you’re planning a trip to New York.

Michelin Stars: 2

Cuisine: Modern Nordic

Address: 65 E 55th Street


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