table set Inside Bâtard Restaurant New York

Bâtard NYC – Manhattan

We owe Chicago for the existence of Bâtard NYC, this European tour-de-force of a restaurant.

That’s where Marcus Glocker and John Wintermen met, and realized they had a shared passion for not just food, but the presentation and philosophy of food. They knew straight away that they would eventually open a venue together, and we should all be thankful that they chose New York as their theatre to do so.

The two worked together at the famous Charlie Trotter’s eatery, and although they then went their separate ways, they came back together to create something wonderful.

The two didn’t get Bâtard NYC off the ground alone, though. Meeting Drew Nieporent was the catalyst to this joint endeavour, which gave the restaurant world-class personnel in all three of the chef, maître d’ and restaurateur departments. With calibre like that, the only surprise is that Bâtard has only one Michelin star instead of more.

The food at this restaurant takes influences from across the European continent – Glocker spent time with Gordon Ramsay in London and the English influence is clear, but he brings plenty of ideas from his native Austria into the mix too. The rabbit with sauce rouille and saffron ravioli is exquisite, and the pricing is very reasonable. If you turn up on a Monday with your own bottle of wine, they’ll even uncork it for you free of charge. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything suitable at home though – there will be something on the heavily-French wine list to please every taste.

Michelin Stars: 1

Cuisine: Contemporary European

Address: 239 West Broadway


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