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Jean Georges Restaurant

When we talk about Jean Georges in New York, we need to be very careful and very specific. As any food connoisseur will know, this is not the only restaurant in New York that belongs to Jean Georges Vongerichten; the Frenchman has thirteen within the city limits. It is, however, his flagship restaurant. It’s the one that bears his name and holds two Michelin stars. You’ll enjoy the chef’s food at any of his eateries, but you’ll likely enjoy it most here.

“Here” is a classic, pristine-white dining room with huge bay windows, where elegance and simplicity are watchwords. The restaurant has been open since 1997, surviving and thriving in an area where it’s seen so many rivals rise and fall.

Eating from the Jean Georges menu is an occasion, and diners should dress accordingly; no jeans, sneakers or sweatshirts permitted, and gentlemen must wear blazers.

Abide by the dress code and you’ll encounter a remarkable menu; undoubtedly French at heart but also touched by flavours of Asia and the Americas. What’s on offer at the Jean Georges restaurant varies depending on the seasons and what the chef finds interesting at the time, but all of it is invariably coaxed to maximum flavour output. The chef will happily prepare his own assortment for you if you’re willing to pay $248, but if that’s not for you then you’ll still likely find the three-course prix-fixe menu exquisite at $148.

Michelin Stars: 2

Cuisine: French

Address: Trump International Hotel & Tower, 1 Central Park West

Website: https://jean-georges.com/

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