outside seating area at the Aska Restaurant, Brooklyn

Aska – Brooklyn

Let’s start with the big headline: Dinner at Aska will cost you $265. It’s a four-course tasting menu with no alternative options, so you either go all in, or you go home. The restaurant is very clear about that on its website. If you have the budget, the stomach and the spirit of adventure for it though, you’ll be rewarded with two-Michelin-star food that rivals Noma for quality.

Aska is the work of Frederik Berselius, a chef who can seemingly do no wrong. Such is the level of inventiveness that comes with his impeccably well-presented and eclectic food that you may have to ask your waiter to explain which parts of the plate are to be eaten, and which parts are purely decorative. For example, one dish appears to be nothing but a rock with some leaves on top, but the leaves are actually dried bladderwrack which has been crackled and served with a blue mussel emulsion.

There are twenty courses in total, all of which are served with a personal feel; unusually for New York, there’s plenty of space between the tables, and only two tables to each waiter. You may never have sampled the delights of a pig’s blood pancake before, but there’s something special about consuming one in these auspicious surrounds, where black tablecloths set the mood apart from the traditional white. When you’re done, Aska will do your wallet a small favour in return for the price; there are no tips by order of the management.

Michelin Stars: 2

Cuisine: Eclectic

Address: 47 South 5th Street, Brooklyn

Website: https://askanyc.com/

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