bar tender ready to prepare drinks for punters Inside the Clocktower New York City

The Clocktower Restaurant – Manhattan

We don’t always associate our British friends with great cookery. The enduring clichés of British cuisine are fish and chips, roast potatoes and roast beef. When we consider going out for a fine dining experience with a European flavour, we’re more likely to visit a restaurant that offers French or Italian food. Sometimes, stereotypes are unfair. In the case of The Clocktower restaurant and its Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton, they’re outright rude.

Atherton makes no attempt to hide his London roots and will offer you authentic British food if you really want it. If it’s fish and chips you’re looking for, then it’s fish and chips you’ll get. That’s not what he excels at though; he showcases the finest in traditional British cooking fused with the latest in innovation and modern food thinking. The Clocktower restaurant is a stylish, elegant restaurant serving a meaty and fascinating menu.

The majority of the food here isn’t what you’d call ‘delicate’. Think steak and chips, and burgers with bacon. If that sounds too simple, then consider this question: How good does a restaurant serving burgers and steak have to be in order to achieve a Michelin star? The answer, of course, is ‘outstanding’, and that’s the level Atherton and his team operate on. The average price for a main course on the dinner menu comes in below $50, so it won’t break the bank to pay the restaurant a visit and find out for yourself.

Michelin Stars: 1

Cuisine: British

Address: 5 Madison Avenue


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